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The Parroco Training Team has over 60 years of combined award winning media-industry experience, led by Mr. Jim Parroco. Jim Parroco has directed and produced in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and internationally on five continents. Jim also oversees Federal service contracts for the U.S. Coast Guard, educating boat manufacturers on the importance of compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations. These contract teams utilize media to train, educate and inspect over 2,000 facilities per year throughout the United States.

Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC.

CCG was founded to address and meet the growing needs of corporations and organizations faced with the threat to physical property and individuals (including employees and visitors) as the result of workplace violence during active shooter attacks. Our Active Shooter Prevention Training Program is the first, and currently only, one of its kind, offering solutions that not only attenuate the threat of workplace violence or active shooters, but also in the aftermath with continuity of operations and employee welfare.


To achieve real change, we know that it takes more than a YouTube video to keep people safe. That's why we work with companies to provide in depth comprehensive training on active shooters.

Statistics & Reporting

Get to the moment information on whos been trained. We give you the big picture, then let you pull down the details to check compliance.

Content Updates

Content is about currency in this day and age; keeping you up to date is our goal. Manage your own content? VBT2 makes it easy.

Built from Success

This system, and our Active Shooter training; come from over 45 combined years of experience in education, communication, design, and administration.



We sit down and discuss your concerns as a company; what areas you'd like to improve, and what your short and long term goals are. We're not going to apply a one size fits all mentality.

We work with you to provide a solution to help you attain a safer environment.


We manage the entire system so you can focus on helping employees make this training a priority.

We provide technical support as a team, with your company looking for the improvements that matter to you, as we provide up to date security and feature patches from our incredible VBT2 platform.


As your company is trained we look at the numbers; provide insight on what they mean for you; and how to improve overall retention.

VBT2 also allows companies to update key parts of the site themselves, providing always current information for your team.


To develop a deeper and more meaningful level of retention, we believe all aspect of your company DNA inform the end product.


Jim Parroco

Jim has developed broadcast pieces that have aired in 120 countries in 63 languages, reaching an estimated 700 million viewers. He has produced televised interviews with top-government officials including Former Presidents Bush, Carter and Ford, Secretary of State James Baker, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Expert, Chris Grollnek has spent his life as the embodiment of protection to his country, community and his family. In his extensive experience, Chris has persistently sought to provide superior expertise and recognized leadership in an impressive array of professional, public, and personal endeavors.

We do more than train.

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